Dr. Richard Nahas

Dr. Richard Nahas is a medical doctor who has had a lifelong passion for peak performance. He graduated from the University of Toronto and worked as an ER physician until a two-year sabbatical spent studying traditional medicine while backpacking around the world.

He practiced integrative medicine with a focus on pain management, using an approach that combines drugs, injections, natural health products, acupuncture, manual therapy, mind-body techniques, nutrition and exercise to treat patients who have failed conventional treatment. He published textbook chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles and national treatment guidelines. He participated in international clinical trials and has been an invited speaker at medical conferences worldwide.

His career path shifted when he discovered blockages and other aspects of healing that are unknown to modern medicine. The Seekers Method was originally developed as a treatment system that healthcare providers could use to treat chronic disease. Limited by the restrictions imposed by regulatory bodies and the skepticism of the medical establishment, he developed the Seekers Method as a tool to help regular people achieve optimal health and wellness and peak performance.

After a six-month period of pilot testing with Tyler Prieur and a handful of clients, it became clear that the Seekers Method is teachable, simple, safe and effective. The skills required can be learned in a day, using simple demonstration and practice. The ultimate goal is to make treating blockages an accepted part of mainstream medicine, using an online learning platform and mobile data collection to validate its safety and efficacy in healthy individuals and a wide range of chronic diseases