Because the root causes of your Illnesses are unique to you.

Why Do I Need A Blockage Inventory ?

Identify the unique lesions that help explain your disease even those without symptoms

Get a personalized report with your entire injury history on a single body diagram

Share it with your health and wellness providers for more targeted treatment and better results

Gain a new understanding of your health and new tools for more personalized medicine

What is a Blockage Inventory Report ?

A Blockage Inventory Report is a detailed summary of all the injuries you have sustained in your lifetime, labeled on a body diagram and listed in a concise table in a personalized PDF report.

Based on a clinical assessment with a real person, making it a clinical resource you can use forever to get more complete and effective assessment and treatment.

Highlights important links between your injuries and your health problems that most providers don’t think to ask about, but which may impact your care.

How does it work?

Your Blockage Inventory Report is created based on a virtual assessment with a healthcare provider to create a detailed injury history. This process begins with you completing an intake form, which then allows your provider to ask specific, detailed questions about each injury.

This information will be used to generate a personalized PDF report, which will be sent to you for your review and keep. This makes it a very useful resource you can share with your healthcare and wellness providers, and use on your own for more targeted stretching, exercise and self-care. If you feel stuck on your healing journey, this report will provide unique new insights, allowing your existing providers to adapt their treatment to target problems they may have overlooked. In this way, a blockage inventory report may help you get better results.