What is the Quick Pain Release Clinic?

The Quick Pain Release (QPR) clinic is an innovative program developed by the clinical team at the Seekers Centre. By providing rapid access to brief targeted therapy at a fixed monthly fee, it allows you to get treated more often, so you can get better results. Each visit will focus on one problem area, combining ear acupressure with a stretching technique that you can practice on your own.

How does it work?

Your experience will begin with a virtual initial assessment with one of our providers. This will be used to generate your personalized Blockage Inventory Report, a body diagram that serves as a detailed map of your injuries. This will be used to guide your treatment in the QPR clinic, and can also be shared with any other provider. This makes it a lifelong resource that will help you navigate your healing journey and get more effective care in the future.

While you may experience great results from your first visit, you should expect that the first few visits will be more of an orientation and a learning experience. You will discover new tools and resources at each visit, and practice the stretching and acupressure technique on your own. While results are usually noticeable within the first month, our program includes unlimited treatment for 90 days from the start of treatment. This will ensure that you have an opportunity to get the treatment you need and master the technique, for lasting results.

At the end of three months, you will have the option to continue your membership in the QPR program for a reduced fee. This will help you maintain your gains and continue moving towards greater wellness and peak performance.

Unlimited visit access with membership


This program is effective in treating a broad variety of ailments, including:
✓ Muscle Pain
✓ Joint pain
✓ Acute or Chronic Sports Injury
✓ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
✓ Headaches
✓ Migraines
✓ Allergies
✓ Digestive Disorders
✓ Anxiety and Depression
✓ Sleep Disorders
✓ Menstrual Issues

While results are usually noticeable within the first month, and you can opt out at any time, we ask that you plan to commit to participating in the QPR clinic for a minimum of 3 months, and we are in fact developing it as a long-term wellness solution.

The QPR clinic can be combined with any other treatment program.

**This program may be eligible for Third Party Insurance coverage. Inquire with a team member.


We believe in the frequent and consistent treatment of blockages.  While results are usually noticeable within the first month, our experience has shown that committing to our program for a minimum of 3 months, or longer will create lasting benefits and long-term results.

✓ A comprehensive clinical intake to review your symptom and injury history (about one hour)

✓ A Blockage Inventory Report that outlines your complete injury history on a personalized visual body diagram (color PDF printed and emailed to you)

✓ Unlimited daily sessions in our QPR clinic

✓ Hands-on demonstration of the stretching and self-care techniques you will use on your own every day

✓ Ongoing coaching and support


The Seekers Centre is a special place of healing in Ottawa.  Our restorative, relaxing atmosphere and caring, professional, and gifted team make every patient visit a healing experience.  Our team gives our patients a level of support and care that they have never experienced before, and that makes us happy and proud.  Our goal is your health and happiness.

Blockage Inventory a detailed report form to be kept by you as a resource. A completed blockage inventory becomes a timeline and inventory of your specific blockages. This tool can be utilized to provide current or future care information practitioners about your unique blockages for more personalized and complete care.

✓ Teaching on how to use your ear seeds, combining movement, breath, touch and awareness for best results.

✓ Personal development of greater awareness of specific pain points in your body and of a tool box of stretches for ongoing use.

✓ Convenient in and out in 15 minutes.

✓ Flat fee greater frequency of treatment leads to greater results so we encourage you to come as often as you like. Our QPR fee is set at a lower rate than a single visit to most other wellness providers.

Expect immediate results during each session, and expect more progress over time as you learn to use your new skills and tools.

Our Seekers Method® targets blockages.  These are the focus of many of the world’s traditional healing systems, but they are still unknown to modern medicine. The treatment sessions include several different steps that work together and build on each other, allowing for deeper treatment to promote a better outcome. We developed this structured approach to layered treatment after many years spent experimenting with different versions and sequences.  We cannot make health claims, but most patients feel real results.

Currently, QPR is available in Ottawa at the Seekers Centre. For more information, complete form the below.

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