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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Seekers Method Wokshop Series: Finding and Releasing Tension in Your Body

Join Dr. Nahas and his team of facilitators for this 1 day workshop where we will explore the concept of Blockages and how it relates to tension in your body. Learn how to find and release tension using movement, touch, breath and awareness.

“The Seekers Method is a simple but revolutionary approach to finding and releasing tension in your body. Blockages represent the changes in structure and function that persist after wound healing. Every person has a unique set of blockages that reflects the history of their lives. These blockages are areas where irritable nerves and altered collagen fibers can restrict the freedom of movement in long chains of fascia.

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The Seekers Method targets these blockages by focusing on finding and releasing restrictions in fascia. This simple method is for anyone interested in self-care and allows you to experience major improvements in your strength, energy and well-being. This novel training system is based on science, using movement and touch, breath and awareness.

With regular practice, you will learn to feel release, and this will give you improvements you can really feel – in strength, balance and coordination, energy and well-being.

No matter who you are or what your current level of performance is, the Seekers Method will help you reach a new level of wellness and performance.”