Date: Sunday, January 31st, 2021
Time: 8am- 4pm
Registration Fee: $99

We have performed real-time sessions and a full pilot study to prove this method is effective and efficient. The best thing yet is you will be the first to learn about it! Don’t miss out, this really does change everything!

Who’s it for?

This workshop is intended for personal trainers who want to learn a new, break-through exercise technique to give their clients better and lasting results.

You will begin by learning about The Seekers Method and how it all started, the role of fascia in the human body during movement, what blockages are and why they exist in our body, and how to apply this technique to your clients during exercise.

Course Objectives

Understand how The Seekers Method was developed and practiced for over 10 years

Learn about the role of fascia in human movement and what a blockage is

Learn the technique by guided demonstrations and practicing on yourself

Develop an understanding of the effectiveness this technique will have on many people

Why Register?

Understanding how a left shoulder problem is connected to your right hip, how an issue in your diaphragm is related to your ankle, how a finger injury is causing neck problems, and how you can find and release the tension in your body based on where you have blockages literally changes everything.

Gaining the knowledge of this technique will change your perception of the human body and it will allow you to reach a whole new audience of clients. You will be able to give your current clients better results and improvements, along with improving your own personal health and fitness.

This is a technique that’s new to the world, and you have the opportunity to be the first to learn it! We have performed numerous in-person and virtual sessions with clients, and also performed a 6-week pilot study with 20 clients who all experienced valuable results.

Before the workshop, you will receive:

Free access to online videos that you are required to watch before the workshop

A blockage inventory document to complete before the workshop for use during the practical component

What our clients say

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