Seekers Method Program

The Seekers Method Program is a structured intervention that consists of 12 sessions guided by a certified provider.  Whether this is delivered online or in-person, coaching and mentoring can accelerate your progress by helping you target blockages using movement, touch, breath and awareness.

Self-Care Mastery Program

Subscribers will get access to a regularly  updated library of videos and other premium content. Like many skills and endeavours, the Seekers Method can be learned in a day, but it can take a lifetime to master.  Each video will introduce a different application of the method, targeting specific blockages, body areas or problems.

When you learn to find and release the tension in your body, you will want to feel release again and again.  Whether you continue to practice on your own or with the support of a health and wellness provider, these updates will give you the support and skill you need to get the best results.

What our clients say

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