What is the Quick Pain Release Clinic?

The Quick Pain Release (QPR) clinic is an innovative program developed by the clinical team at the Seekers Centre. By providing rapid access to brief targeted therapy at a fixed monthly fee, it allows you to get treated more often, so you can get better results. Each visit will focus on one problem area, combining ear acupressure with a stretching technique that you can practice on your own.

What should I expect?

Your journey with us starts with a virtual assessment to create your personalized Blockage Inventory Report, a detailed map of your injuries that guides your treatment at The QPR clinic and can be shared with other providers for better care. Your first few visits are for orientation and learning, where you’ll discover new tools and practice stretching and acupressure on your own. Unlimited treatment is included for 90 days, ensuring lasting results. For just $88 per month, you can continue the QPR program to maintain gains and move towards peak wellness.

What our clients say

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