What is fascia?

It is a connective tissue throughout the body that holds every muscle, nerve, blood vessel, organ and bone in their place. Fascia is made up of collagen fibers and represent small, medium and long planes, similar to those of the acupuncture meridians that were discovered thousands of years ago in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What is a blockage?

Blockages represent the changes in structure and function that persist after wound healing. This includes changes in nerves and vessels that affect circulation and lymphatic drainage, pain and sensation, skin and muscle tone. These changes are not usually obvious, and may not cause symptoms. But these subtle changes in tissue structure and function can affect movement in surprising ways.

Recent discoveries about the piezoelectric nature of collagen make it necessary to include fascia as a part of the nervous system. The electrical waves produced by nerves create vibrations in tissue that any person can learn to feel. This means that the subtle changes in nerves that can occur after injuries create changes in tissue vibration that are palpable and real.

These are blockages, and they are the chains that bind the body in motion. Every person has a unique set of blockages that reflects the history of their lives. A complete injury history allows a trainer to predict where a client may have blockages, but they will only reveal themselves during movement. This is the basis for the Seekers Method Workout.

How do I get a blockage?

Every physical injury, including ankle sprains, animal bites, tonsil infections, concussions and major dental and medical procedures, causes tissue damage. The process of wound repair has been thoroughly studied and it is generally accepted that no wound is ever 100% healed. Some wounds heal better than others, influenced by factors that include age, nutrition, stress, rest and other illnesses.

Is this method easy to learn?


Based on science, using movement, breath and awareness, this simple method allows you to experience major improvements in your strength, energy and well-being. Movement becomes smoother and more fluid with each repetition, and you will feel better in an immediate and obvious way.

With the right training and consistent practice, you can learn to feel these blockages as areas of altered sensation. Using light touch along myofascial planes during movement, you can bring your awareness to these blockages, triggering release. This creates obvious changes in the breath that create the rhythm of movement that guides the exercise.

Who is Dr Nahas?

Dr. Richard Nahas is a medical doctor who has had a lifelong passion for peak performance. He graduated from the University of Toronto and worked as an ER physician until a two-year sabbatical spent studying traditional medicine while backpacking around the world.

He practiced integrative medicine with a focus on pain management, using an approach that combines drugs, injections, natural health products, acupuncture, manual therapy, mind-body techniques, nutrition and exercise to treat patients who have failed conventional treatment. He published textbook chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles and national treatment guidelines. He participated in international clinical trials and has been an invited speaker at medical conferences worldwide.

His career path shifted when he discovered blockages and other aspects of healing that are unknown to modern medicine. The Seekers Method was originally developed as a treatment system that healthcare providers could use to treat chronic disease. Limited by the restrictions imposed by regulatory bodies and the skepticism of the medical establishment, he developed the Seekers Method Workout as a tool to empower unregulated providers to help athletes and regular people achieve peak performance.

How do you know it works?

After a six-month period of pilot testing with Tyler Prieur (Seekers Method Workout Trainer) and a handful of clients, it became clear that the Seekers Method Workout is teachable, simple, safe and very effective. In fact, he was pleased and surprised when it became clear that it was more effective than any of the other approaches to treating blockages he had used before.

How are the results measured?

They will be measured by using the BEAM (Bringing Evidence to Alternative Medicine) app, which will lead to statistical feedback to prove the results are effective, lasting and life-changing.

Do I have to be a trainer to do this?


We will provide you with enough information so you can learn the method on your own and you will be able to practice it by yourself in any capacity. We will have ongoing updates to further your knowledge to ensure you can experience the best results possible. We have ongoing support for any questions or help you may need too.