The Seekers Method Program

The Seekers Method Program

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Number of Sessions: 12
Duration: 45 minutes per session
Frequency: 2 sessions per week


These 12 sessions will help you reconnect and strengthen your body in a completely new way.   You will learn to find and release the tension in your body you never knew you had to improve your performance daily. Finding your blockages is like following a map that will help you reach your destination, whether it is improved performance, reduced pain and stiffness or simply more freedom of movement. You will discover this map of your body and connect the dots between the injuries in your past and the way you move today.  You will feel your toe affecting your hip, or your left shoulder restricting your right knee. These are just a few examples of how The Seekers Method Takes Fascia to the Next Level.

Knowing where your blockages are is one thing, but learning to release them will improve your strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. We all have blockages, and learning to use movement, breath, touch and awareness is a cutting-edge technique to take your performance to the next level and improve your life.

The goal of the 12 sessions is to help you learn this life-changing technique that you can use on your own body throughout the day or during any workout.

Program Objectives

Create your own blockage inventory to identify potential restrictions in your unique body

Learn to use the point-circle-line technique to feel and find the lines of tension in your tissues

Learn to feel tension in your body and find points of maximal tension (PMT)

Learn a specialized technique for releasing tension that combines movement and breath, touch and awareness

Create a personalized list of exercises based on your unique blockages

Experience the feelings and sensations that occur when a blockage is released

Experience the immediate changes in power, strength, endurance, balance, coordination, mobility and stability that occur when a blockage is released

Session Details

Each Seekers Method session will last 45 minutes. You will spend time working one-on-one with a Seekers Method Trainer. During each session you will practice three different exercises with your trainer and on your own. Please wear comfortable, exercise appropriate clothing so you can perform active movements either lying down, sitting or standing.

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Video Guide

The Program includes a series of videos explaining The Seekers Method, the science of fascia, wound healing and tissue injury and introducing you to the concept of blockages. These include short videos reviewing the anatomy of each body area and demonstrating how to use the Seekers Method in that area. The four areas we use are  the head, neck and jaw; the trunk and spine; the upper extremity and the lower extremity.

After watching the videos, you will have the background knowledge you will need to begin your training sessions. During your first session, you will complete your own blockage inventory and learn basic techniques to find and feel tension and experience a release. With every session, you will practice the method and add new exercises to develop your own personalized workout. By the end of the program, you should feel confident that you can practice The Seekers Method on your own and you will have experienced new and exciting results that will help you take your performance, and your fascia, to the next level!

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