Introduction to The Seekers Method Video Guide

Introduction to The Seekers Method Video Guide

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Welcome to The Seekers Method.

It was developed to help you learn to find and release the tension in your body using a simple, effective technique that you can learn directly from your computer, tablet or phone.

The videos include two parts:

The first part includes a seminar in which Dr. Richard Nahas will introduce  you to The Seekers Method, including an overview of  fascia and blockages.

The second part includes, brief seminars  and demonstration videos that will help you use the Seekers Method to target different areas of the body

  • the upper extremity (the arms)
  • the lower extremity (the legs)
  • the trunk and spine
  • the head, neck and jaw

Every injury or trauma has the potential to create lasting changes in  the affected area that can restrict movement and limit function. This is what we call a blockage, and in this course you will  learn how blockages can affect your body in different ways.

You will learn to use movement, touch, breath and awareness to allow you to find your blockages and release tension in a way you can clearly feel.

For ongoing daily self-care, these videos will provide you with enough information to start using The Seekers Method in your daily life and experience real results.

This method has been under development for nearly a decade, and the results we have seen led us to develop The Seekers Method as a tool we can share with the world.

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